+ What are the payment options?

We accept Visa, Master Card, PayPal, Checks and Cash.

+ What is retouching and how does it work?

You can purchase retouching for $11 per image. Our basic retouching includes: blemish removal and elimination of red skin and flyaway hair. Braces removal is $25 per image.

+ How do I pre-order Spring Outdoor Portraits?

We are changing things up this year. No need to pre-order photos. Simply fill out the opt-in form BEFORE photo day and have your student turn it in to the photographer. You can order after photo day when you view the images.

Click here to view and print an opt-in form. Simply fill out the opt-in form and have your student give it to the photographer.

+ FALL PICTURE DAY: I have more than one student getting photographed at picture day. Can I fill out one order form for both?

In order to accurately recognize each student for yearbook and school resources, we will need each student to have their own envelope. You can combine payments into one of the envelopes for all students. If you wish to submit one payment for several students, please note on each envelope which student's envelope contains your payment.

+ Can I order pictures from previous years?

Yes, we hold on to your digital images for more than one year. Click here to view our order forms.


+ What clothing should I wear for School Picture Day?

Solid color shirts work best. Avoid T-shirts with graphics or writing on the front as well as strapless shirts or spaghetti straps. Long sleeves look nice as do collared shirts. Make sure shirts are ironed and ready to go on picture day morning. Click here for more photo day tips.